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From idea conceptualization, web design, mobile app development, persona analysis, virtual assistants, graphic design, go-to-market strategy, and more. We have provided you with a list of popular services our talents can do, choose the one that interests you
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Snipeet Bond
We use Snipeet bond as a form of financial protection, want learn more?
We delegate task to the best talent
Snipeet is a managed marketplace. To provide you with the best experience We take the approach by removing the hassle of going through the traditional freelance and outsourcing sites, sorting through thousands of talents not knowing who to trust to handle your project.

We take your task from you and delegate it to our vetted Snipeet talented team best suited for your project.
Talent you can trust
Every individual on the Snipeet team has gone through a rigorous vetting process. We personally speak to every applicant to verify their identity, check references, and ensure they have the proven experience to drive your business forward.
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Choose what kind of task you want to be done, with all requirements. Clearly define it and we are ready to start.
Once we receive your task, we will review your project. Decide how much it cost to complete your project.
Once your project cost is approved, A security bond is required upfront to form a mutual contract. An invoice is issued, when paid, your Snipeet Dashboard will be credited. We will Allocate the best talent to begin work. After task completion and all pending invoice is paid, you can request for bond refund.
Ok, but what's great about us?
Snipeet as a managed marketplace attempts to improve customer experience by being more involved in the process and execution of tasks been carried out.
Managed marketplace
We're always here to help. Our support consists of real people who are available 24/7.
24/7 support
All talents are vetted. Snipeet is fully liable for all tasks carried out on its platform release Payment for the task when it has been completed and you're 100% satisfied.
Pay for quality
You can live chat with us from your personal page with all updates on the progress of your work
Live chat
Keep up-to-date and on the go with our timeline productivity tracker.
Track progress
Snipeet has everything. Real People. Real Results.
From start-up to small businesses, we have other services that may plug seamlessly into your business. You can find out more here.
Do you want to complete any task?
Create a Task
Create a Task
Hire Talent
Hire Talent
Snipeet Bond
We use Snipeet bond as a form of financial protection, want learn more?
Development as a Service (Daas)
When bootstrapping your idea, we hardly have enough funding, so we put off importance things which delays the development process.
Snipeet Development as a Service (Daas) subscription model allows the opportunity to build your software product with its vast talent pool at your own pace and budget regardless of what stage of development your project is with a few clicks provided it aligns with Snippet minimum weekly spend.

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